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The History of Burhou as writen by Victor Coysh.

Here are the details of the cottage and hut on Burhou. The cottage was built by General Le Messurier ( The Governor ) as a shelter for fishermen and shipwrecked mariners and this would have been about the year 1820. It fell into decay but was later repaired And in 1900 a French couple lived there for a year. Various people slept there untill it was destroyed either during or perhaps just after the German occupation of the Channel Islands in the second world war.

The hut was erected again in July 1953 and I went with the party who travelled there in Chubby Langlois' launch "Hermia". In the party were R.P.Walker,C.J.Richards and Bert Hammond. The sections weighed one and a quarter tons and were towed to Burhou on a German raft.

A second visit was made a few days later by Peter Radice, Bert Hammond, C.J.Richards, K.Green-Wanstall and a few more. They completed the errection of the prefabricated hut within the ruins of the cottage. The sections were put ashore at the south landing.

Victor Coysh goes on to say. I have obtained these details from my own diary and the Guernsey Press. I hope that they will be of interest.

Sunset with Casquetes in the background.

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