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The Island of Burhou is now a listed bird sanctuary, Looked after by island warden Midget Dupont. Midget a local Alderney resident has on a voluntary basis looked after the island and has renovated "The Hut".

Burhou has a colony of puffins that return year after year. They arrive at the end of march and leave on the 26th July at 9am which is the date that the public are allowed to visit the island again. Only the warden is allowed to visit during the breeding season. The island has allways had a large population of rabbits and the puffins make good use of old rabit holes to nest in. Black backed gulls are the main preditor of the puffin and are also a protected species which in the circumstances conflicts with Burhou's puffins.

Burhou hut out of the breeding season can be used for overnighting, life is basic but there is a nice fireplace, gas cooking and beds for about eight people. The charge for the key is ten pounds a night and is payable to the Alderney harbour office. Tel.01481 822620.

Burhou has two interesting raised beaches where you can see the sea level of thousands of years ago, These are on the eastern side.  The Island is littered with shipwrecks. One of the most interesting is an Elizabethan shipwreck about two miles to the east of the Island. Just off the Alderney lighthouse.

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