Wildlife on Burhou
Sunrise at Burhou with Alderney's Victorian Breakwater in the distance.


Birds nesting on the island include Puffins, Storm Petrels, Shags, Oyster-Catchers and the three large British Gulls.          The Great and the Lesser Black-Backed Gulls and Herring Gulls.

The Puffins nest in burrows like rabit holes and since the soil is dry and soft, the burrows readily collapse. Visitors to the island are asked not to walk over the main nesting area, which has been marked out by white paint stripes on the rocks around it. It comprises a more or less rectangular area between the east landing place and the west one (which is in front of the hut). By following the white stripes, it is possible to reach the higher rocks on the north of the area, and so look down at the Puffins on the water and going to and from their nest burrows. The colony now numbers a few hundred, having declined from a total of many thousand birds in the last twenty years.

Sunset At Burhou

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